Organizational Quality Assurance and Certification


Using our world renowned experts and the Cambridge English Corpus, our main research tool, this
gives us a clear view of how the English language is currently used all around the world: how it’s
spoken, how it’s written in different contexts, how it evolves and what errors Iranian people make.
Our benchmark model has been developed in collaboration with specialist learning, development
and training consultants. Our Accredited Consultant will assess your training programme/s against
the following five core components;
1. Design and delivery
2. Planning and management
3. Learner support
4. Quality assurance
5. Evaluation and continuous development

We will evaluate the training materials and/or quality assurance processes and provide consultant
support to ensure that they meet the standards of recognition.
The Accreditation Service will result in a certificate being issued at the completion of the
programme that recognises individual learner achievement. Learners are required to be assessed
in order to claim certification.


In addition to providing customization services for its learning materials, Cambridge can customize
course based tests to a particular client’s needs. A number of Cambridge products already provide
standard tests for placement, mid course and end of course.